Our Mission Is Simple.

Improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Vitls was created because we believe continuous vital sign monitoring should be the standard of care in hospitals. Patients should have peace of mind that if any of their physiological parameters change, their care providers will be notified immediately. Nurses and physicians should receive continuous, accurate, and reliable data from our medical wearable device that allows them to provide their patients with the best possible care. Vitls is here to provide that change.

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How Vitls Began

Vitls CEO and serial entrepreneur, Werner Vorster, suffered through countless nights at his son’s bedside monitoring his fever in hopes of preventing another febrile seizure. He believed there must be a way to continuously and remotely monitor pediatric vital signs rather than having to manually check his son's vitals all hours of the night. His desire to create a better life for his son sparked a revolutionary idea... and Vitls was born.

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Werner Vorster

Ameen Albadri
Lead Engineer

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